The History of Hall's Harbour

Hall's Harbour has a colorful history that includes pirates, shipbuilding, an Admiral in the Turkish navy, and of course - fishing.  Browse through some of the resources below to learn more about the history of Hall's Harbour and the surrounding area.

Pirates, Pasha and the Sea - This article, by Richard Parker, explores some of the early history of Hall's Harbour including Samuel Hall and Pasha Bucknam.

Hall's Harbour Lighthouse - The first lighthouse in Hall's Harbour - 1880.

Family Names of Hall's Harbour - This recount by Mrs. P.W. Neville looks at some of the historical family names of the harbour.

KATIMAVIK - in 1997/98, youths under the Federal KATIMAVIK program with great support of the community constructed a lot of the infrastructure still enjoyed by the community today.